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Trench Town Rock Sparks Hope


Using music to heal the people, musicians in the Trench Town community have come together to host their first annual ‘Trench Town Rock’ festival.

The festival was hosted on Wednesday in Trench Town and saw a day’s worth of events, starting with activities for children, including workshops. The day ended with a stageshow.

‘Trench Town Rock’ was organised by various music production houses in the community. It cost nothing to attend.

Speaking with The Sunday Gleaner on Wednesday while at the festival, singer and a Manifesto Jamaica ambassador, Janine ‘Jah 9′ Cunningham, was excited that done that will be done in the future.

According to Jah9, Trench Town Rock was organised and conceptualised by production houses from the community such as Triple L Music, I-Manu-Manu Production and Trench Town International Music.


Jamaicans play music for Brazilian plight

Although he is based in Jamaica, musician Sawandi Simon is helping the plight of Brazilian indigenous people through music.

Simon said he was contacted by a member of Indigenous Resistance Records, which is located in Brazil, to work on the song, Galdino Pataxo Warrior, that is dedicated to the indigenous people there. He explained that this group uses music to raise awareness of the struggles faced by indigenous people in Brazil.

He said the decision to do the song was sparked by the death of a young indigenous activist, Galdino, who was burnt to death while he slept waiting for a bus to get back home. Galdino had missed his bus after a meeting in the city.

“While he was asleep, some boys set him on fire as a joke. It shows how some people view them as sub-humans. And, what they got (as punishment) was a slap on the wrist,” Simon told The Sunday Gleaner.

Simon said the indigenous people had been going through many struggles since the Europeans colonised the country. He also noted that they were often treated harshly by the rest of the population.