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Excellent ‘Womanbition’!


A picture of Empress Menen was on the kick drum and huge images of the late Sandra ‘Sajoya’ Alcott framed the nearly all-female Omega Band (Dale Brown stood in on bass guitar due to the slated player’s illness and Ibo Cooper played keyboard from side stage) during an excellent ‘Womanbition’ on Tuesday night.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with an all-female line-up of mostly singers, with a sprinkling of poetry and ZJ Sparks at the CD players, Womanbition stood out not only because of the generally high standard of the relatively short performances, but also what was not offered to the bumper audience at Redbones Blues Café, New Kingston.

For, although there were naturally several references to women’s strength, it was not a case of overkill. And while there was no denying the intensity of the performers’ emotions, the night did not get overly dramatic.