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A Year Of Losses And Gains – Dancehall Struggles But Jamaican Music Flourishes


Last year was a year when Jamaica lost much. The country bled when Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke went against the security forces, which had been ordered to carry out an extradition request for the Tivoli Gardens strongman.

During that time, there was little or no activity in entertainment, but truth be told, entertainment had been suffering before May.

Truth be told, the country also bled as dancehall artistes had their visas revoked. The earning power of dancehall was hampered severely. Not only were the artistes unable to travel to promote the local industry and their albums, they also found it difficult to get playing gigs in Jamaica.

Stage-show productions are expensive and the effect of a crippling economic downturn meant promoters could no longer afford to pay big-name artistes.

But music still limped on.