A Decade Of ‘Riddim’


In true reggae fashion, the Germany-based Riddim Magazine’s 10th anniversary celebration on September 10 will be held at a nightclub. The No-Maddz poetry quartet will headline the event at the U-Club in Wuppertal and Riddim’s Ellen Köhlings pointed out in an email interview that it is consistent with the full-colour glossy publication’s start up. “At [...]

Trench Town’s Rebirth? Manifesto Jamaica Heads To Famed Home Of Reggae

Another attempt to revive interest in Trench Town’s musical legacy will be made on Tuesday with the all-day Trench Town Rock event which is being organised by the Manifesto Jamaica group. Live performances from bands, singers and deejays are scheduled to dominate the proceedings, but Janine ‘Jah 9′ Cunningham of Manifesto Jamaica says nyabingi drumming, [...]

Taking the message to the world

Singer, Songwriter and activist, Janine ‘Jah 9′ Cunningham, has singles out like Warning and Keep Holding Down for Don Corleon. But it is on the live scene that she is really making waves. Though she was born in Trelawny, most of Jah 9′s childhood was spent in Kingston. In the country’s capital parish she learnt [...]

A Year Of Losses And Gains – Dancehall Struggles But Jamaican Music Flourishes

Last year was a year when Jamaica lost much. The country bled when Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke went against the security forces, which had been ordered to carry out an extradition request for the Tivoli Gardens strongman. During that time, there was little or no activity in entertainment, but truth be told, entertainment had been suffering [...]

Jamnesia Leads The Live Music Charge

In eight miles, Bull Bay, the Wilmot family has been helping to keep live music flourishing through ‘Jamnesia’. Jamnesia is a live jam or open-mic session held in Bull Bay every two weeks on a Saturday night. Lovers of live music come from far and wide to enjoy the unique sessions at Jamnesia, with the [...]

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