Jah 9 – New Name (Press Release)


KINGSTON, JAMAICA- February 26, 2013 – For years Jah9 has given soul-stirring performances and carefully selected singles to the world. Now, Jazz on Dub singer, Jah9 is a mere couple of weeks away from unleashing her first album- New Name set for release on February 26.


Jah9 – Jungle


KINGSTON, JAMAICA – The contemporary urban landscape is like a jungle, and city streets are likened to the mountains and valleys. This is how Jah9 sees the condition of present day society in ‘Jungle,’ her latest release ahead of her upcoming New Name album.

The track is a call to action for young men to assume the oft-forgotten responsibilities of manhood because “the pride needs defending by a lion” and “when the lions are leading there is nothing to fear.” Meanwhile, “the lionesses rise to the occasion” of mentally strengthening the males in the healthy communities envisioned by the songwriter.

Both song and record are produced by none other than Stone Love’s Rory Gilligan. The pairing of this veteran with Jah9, a relatively fresh face in roots music, is a prime example of extraordinary new talent being noticed and nurtured by established elders of industry.

New Name is expected to be released in February 2013.

Upcoming Performance at Respect Jamaica 50th


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Jah9 – New Name (Official Music Video)



A 9mm that brings new life


KINGSTON, JAMAICA – In an era when firearms take away many young lives, there is one calibre that may be eagerly anticipated. A piercing shot from a 9mm could very well feed the youths’ minds rather than spill their blood. That is the likely outcome with Jah9′s new musical project called 9mm - ‘message music.’

As soon as it begins, it is easy to tell that the singer/songwriter is interested in steering her listeners towards a mental posture of self-determination. Throughout the experience, and with a sense of purpose, Jah9 recites words previously uttered by the well-known characters of Haile Selassie I and Marcus Mosiah Garvey as well as those spoken by a much less recognized leader, Walter Rodney, who was banned from Jamaica due to his liberation activities.


Latest Release – Legitimate


So Much To Be Grateful For!


I’m Feeling very blessed to be surrounded by a band of such promising young musicians… beautiful spirits growing greater everyday in discipline and in their craft… Preserving the tradition of Live Music with patience, practice and livication!

Protoje & Jah9 – No Lipstick (Live) @The Deck

Manifesto Jamaica


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We have done a lot of work with young people in Jamaica’s ‘inner-city’ communities over the past two years, without the help of a single sponsorship dollar or any public sector contributions.

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